Small Business Ecommerce Solutions – Run Your Online Store Conveniently

If you’re thinking of starting your own small business online, you may consider looking for a small business ecommerce solutions package. These can easily be found online and are quite complete. Here are a few features that will help you in the running of your business.

Promoting Your Store And Products

Every business needs to promote their store and range of products to their customers. However, to send out individual emails one by one will be too time-consuming to do. What every business requires is something automated that will help them send out emails to their customers periodically informing of new products, sales or offers that your store is having. Of course you will need to draft out the email but the software basically takes care of emailing it to your customers’ email address.

SEO Features

When we talk about running an online business, you need to make sure that the solution which you are using to run your online store comes with SEO features. This will help to let you know whether the keywords that you’ve chosen for your pages or website are suitable when search engines index your store pages. The idea is that you want your store to rank higher for certain keywords when people are using these search engines to look for them. The more visible your online store is when people search for certain keywords, the higher the chances of them visiting your site and making a purchase.

Social Media Features

With the amount of publicity that social media providers like Facebook and Twitter have generated so far, it is no wonder that everyone these days want to use them to promote their own business. Your shopping cart software should come with social media features for you to use to promote your business online. That way, whenever there is something new happening in your store like promotions, you can straight away let your customers know via social media.

Offer Discounts

Being able to offer discount coupons and gift certificates is an added advantage. It is one of the ways to draw your customers back to your store to make repeat orders. Other than helping to boost sales in your store during low peak season, you could also offer them to new customers.


To run your online store conveniently, you will need a small business ecommerce solutions package that is comprehensive yet easy enough for you to use. It should come with all the features that was mentioned to help you promote your products online.

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